You can call Chattanooga one of the trending and most loved place to explore in US, and this is for some great reasons, of course.

Chattanooga is Tennessee’s fourth-largest city. It is an exciting destination for weekend travelers and home to historic attractions. It has beautiful parks, luxury hotels, delicious food, giant museums, and much more. The beauty and charm of Chattanooga make it a perfect place for travel, destination wedding, and even backpack trips as well.

Overall, Chattanooga is filled with some amazing yet exciting things to do.

Best things to do in Chattanooga Tennessee that you must know

Do you want to know what to do in Chattanooga? Here we have enlisted most amazing Chattanooga things to do that you must enjoy here.

So, here we get to know things to do in Chattanooga Tennessee

Tennessee Riverpark one of the best things to do in Chattanooga Tennessee

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Tennessee Riverpark can be an amazing thing. It is especially when you visit the place during hot summers. All kinds of interesting activities happen here. Some of them are below.

  • This Park is a great display of how entrepreneurship and nature can come together to create a unique and impressive complex.
  • Most amazingly, the Tennessee River has bordered the Riverpark. It has helped the city to lift its reputation even further.

Boasting about 10 miles, Tennessee Riverpark is one of the best things to enjoy.

Take a balloon ride

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Do you want to experience the beautiful city’s view from above? Then, taking a balloon ride being offered by The Chattanooga Balloon Company is one of the things to explore. These balloons can take you to about 10 miles, following the beautiful Tennessee River Valley for breathtaking views.

3. Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

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This wonderful museum was built about 50-years ago. Most importantly, this museum was the National Railway Historical Society’s part. Here you can not only see the railway history of Tennessee but can also take a ride on a classic steam engine on the track.

  • The museum also contains a reconstructed line of railway. It can take you through the lush landscape of Tennessee for more adventure.
  • Overall, riding on the track can be a fun yet informative thing to do here.

This is a perfect tourist destination to visit here, which is also called a moving museum.

Ride the Tennessee River Gorge

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Riding on the River in Chattanooga is one of the most amazing yet essential things to do in Chattanooga. It is because this is accounting for so much of the scenery and character of the city.

However, there are multiple options to choose from when it comes to riding the river in Chattanooga. For this, you can rent a party boat. You can go rafting, use a speed boat, or charter a yacht with ease.

So, when you want to go on the water, it won’t be hard for you to hire a recreation company’s services in this regard.


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Are you planning to visit Chattanooga with your family? Then, this can be a perfect place that you must visit with your little one. It is because this museum can offer them to explore, grow, and learn more perfectly. It is one of Chattanooga’s most popular learning centers that features hands-on exhibits and an interactive litany to let your child play and grow.

The exhibits commonly include:

  • Science Theater
  • RiverPlay
  • PlayGym

Rooftop Fun Factory and various other kid-friendly activities


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Do you want to explore the vibrant aquatic life of the world firsthand in Chattanooga? Then must visit Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga’s downtown. This aquarium features various exotic and beautiful exhibits. These things can ignite all ages’ imagination.

Here you can discover the wildlife inhibiting in the Tennessee River and get close to the most colorful creatures of the ocean. It is because this aquarium has it all to offer its visitors.

Overall, you can experience a dazzling adventure here that can thrill all ages equally.


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Are you thinking about what to do in Chattanooga to experience some adventure here? Then, you must take a scenic tour of the most breathtaking cave waterfalls of the world here. Ruby Falls is a stunning attraction and known to be the largest waterfall (underground) and the deepest commercial cave of America, as well.

However, if you prefer to stay above ground, then you must plan to visit Rock City. The elevation in Rock City is 1700 ft.

Here you can also enjoy the most beautiful and stunning views from Lookout Mountain.

The Hunter Museum of American Art

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This Art Museum is featuring an amazing collection of United States Art from the colonial period to the present. Here you can see paintings, sculptures, work on paper, contemporary studio glass, and furniture.

A part of this art museum is located in the Classic Revival mansion (1904). At the same time, the modern section sits on an 80-foot bluff dramatically. So, here you can enjoy the Tennessee River’s commanding views along with the display of modern art collection.

The Chattanooga Zoo

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Another one of the best things to do in Chattanooga TN, especially for travelers with family. Well, The Chattanooga Zoo is famous for being the best little zoo.

  • It is because here, you can connect with the animals you are seeing instead of peering at them behind the glass plates.
  • This zoo boasts 300+ animals with above 200 species, including endangered species’ fair share.

Most importantly, the cost to visit this beautiful small zoo is just $10 for adults and $7 for kids. Therefore, it can be one of the most affordable things to do in Chattanooga TN.

Final Remarks:

Overall, Chattanooga is a city that is filled with fun and adventure for its visitors. This southern gem of the US is full of lively and fun Chattanooga things to do with a wonderful atmosphere. It is a southern city in Tennessee that is meant to offer you a unique blend of exciting and adventurous outdoor activities with a laid-back charm. So, you can easily find various things to do in Chattanooga, TN, that suit your taste perfectly.