Colorado is a place that has an abundance of natural resources and excellent scenery. It is one of those places with a variety of exciting features you can look out for. The mountainous areas have added to the beauty of the place and even the excitement of an outing. It is true that when you are out there, you will also find a variety of natural sites to enjoy. There are many interesting places to visit in Colorado as long as you have planned your trip in advance. This means that you can even discover the remains of an ancient culture still standing to this day.

10. Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs

If you have heard about the natural springs that come out of the Rocky Mountains, it is time to see them. Glenwood Springs attracts a wide range of tourists who come to see this feature from various parts of the world. But there is also some mountain hiking, whitewater rafting, and fishing. It remains one of the places to visit in Colorado if you have high energy levels and want to try out some activities.

9. Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs

The state of Colorado has this town right in the Northwestern region. Here you are going to find some of the best champagne powder skiing. A visit to this place will also take you to a well-preserved district that showcases the history of the place. As you move around, you can also take time to enjoy the best dishes in the many restaurants and eateries.

8. Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

If you are a fan of mountain hiking and breath-taking sightseeing, this is where you should go. The park has a variety of spots from which you can enjoy seeing the beauty of the landscape. When you go along the Trail Ridge road, you enjoy an ascent of 12000 feet. It is one of the places to visit in Colorado because you even have a chance to view the scenery from your car! Why stay glued to that car? You can also move out and enjoy some hiking or even biking. Other activities you can try out include fishing, horseback riding, and climbing.

7. Vail

Vail with ski

A visit to this town should come with a ski kit. You need to be ready to go and enjoy the skiing experience. The beauty of it all is that even if you are just learning how skiing is done, you are in the right place. For the experienced lads, it is their favorite sport. This is one of the places to visit in Colorado even in seasons where there is no snow. The town is a beautiful place to see, even from afar. It has a series of well-organized restaurants and buildings lined up in style. If you have concerns about accommodation, the place has a wide range of choices you can pick from. Most of them cover the options that allow you to enjoy flexible bills to suit your needs.

6. Mesa Verde national Park

Mesa Verde national Park

If you are looking for a unique outing that will leave you blown away and happy, this is your locale. The national park has preserved ruins of ancient dwellings. It becomes one of the best places to visit in Colorado if your focus is on an adventure. The ancient dwellings are clear to see from afar if you cannot afford to get down and enjoy the fun. But as one of the best places to visit in Colorado, you can go down and have access to the ruins. A tour guide will be handy to take you through and make sure all is well and you are not taking risks.

5. Garden of the gods

Garden of the gods

This makes it one of the places to visit in Colorado Springs with new experiences in mind. This is the place where you will find jagged stone towers, as they are fondly called by the locals. Around the towers, you will also see fins of stone securely fixed on the ground. They make a magnificent sight that you will not easily forget, even if you are in a hurry. You can not just watch such beautiful scenes from afar. That is why there are walkways throughout the place. These allow you to have access to closer views of the rocky formations. It is one of the places to visit in Colorado Springs if you want to relax away from the busy city.

4. Durango Town

Durango Town

This town is a beautiful town you will find in the southern part of Colorado. It has some rich history, which you can easily see even with the various buildings. Some of them are residential buildings, restaurants, and hotels. The beauty of it is that you can go down the valley-like area with a traditional train. Perhaps this is the feature that makes the whole place unique and interesting. It makes it one of the best places to visit in Colorado in the summer so that you can even enjoy the ride and scenery.

3. The Black Canyon

The Black Canyon

A visit to Colorado would be incomplete if you left out the Gunnison National Park. Inside this park, you find the Black Canyon. It has cliffs so high and untampered that they look completely unexplored. If you are a victim of a fear of heights, you may need some escort crew on standby. Once in this place, you will experience an interesting view of the rocks. It is the destination you would need to try out if you just want to enjoy the best scenery in an isolated place.

2. Great dunes National park and preserve

Great dunes

This is one of the best places to visit in Colorado in the summer because of the unique dune. It has the highest dunes in this part of the world and boasts of having 750 feet of dunes. There are several options at your disposal. You can climb the dune and enjoy the scenery from the top. But let the young side of you come alive as you also attempt to slide down the dunes. When you get enough of that activity, you can turn to some hiking and camping. These are all well-suited activities for this location.

1. Colorado National Monument

Colorado National Monument

This is the place where you go if you are now ready to appreciate the unique nature of Colorado. It has a total blend of overhanging cliffs, canyons, and jagged rocks shooting from the ground. It is clear to understand that a straight road cannot be made in such a landscape. That is why the road which enters this place meanders around. It is one of the best places to visit in October if you also plan for some activity. You can join others in hiking around and enjoying the scenery. If you love those changes in attitude from around 300 feet up to around 1000 feet, then you are home. It will be a memorable tour you will not easily forget.