Arizona is a land filled with a variety of interesting landscapes. Here you can find the canyons standing alongside valleys and other marvelous structures. Of course, these are mostly unique to Arizona, and that is why many go to this place to have a nice time. There are mighty states that have excellent galleries you won’t forget. You will have many places to visit in Arizona as long as you have enough time for that vacation.

10. Tombstone

the place of Tombstone

This is one of those places you visit when you want to have an adventurous tour. History has it that this was a place where the gunfight took place, at the OK Corral to be specific. But the whole place was also famous for criminals trying to gamble and engage in a variety of activities. But the best part is that you have to come to this place so that you understand the struggles that the western world went through. You can also take advantage of this to buy some affordable souvenirs or cutlery.

9. Grand Canyon National Park

The Park of Grand Canyon

This is one place with fascinating features that attracts many tourists. In the first place, you have the canyons that make it easy to view a unique landscape. A view of the canyons in this national park is worth your time out there. But as one of the best places to visit in Arizona, you also have activities you can join in. In this place, you can decide to tour the place via an aerial view of a helicopter. If you want, you can go by bike or car as you tour around. But, you can also spare some time hiking as you join many other tourists joining in this activity.

8. Monument valley

The valley of Monument

If you enjoy unique experiences, this is one of the places to visit in Arizona this summer. This is one place that will force you out of that car to have a grand view of the place. It has a collection of 1000 feet of sandstone that you can take time to view and photograph. Many movies created since the 1930s have featured its unique landscape. Some activities to look out for include hiking, biking, and just enjoying the scenery. On your next trip, you can include it on the list of places to visit in Arizona.

7. Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

The Monument of Vermillion Cliffs

Many breathtaking scenes await you before you go to this place. This is one place where you will find colorful cliffs and rocks in some of the most interesting shapes. Some of them make the wave formations, while others explore different patterns. It is one of the best places to visit in Arizona if you want a new experience. The secret to having the best experience is to book in advance. They only allow 64 tourists on any given day to go into the place. Once there, you can enjoy hiking and memorable sightseeing.

6. Prescott

Prescott with sky

This is a small town, making it one of the best places to visit in Arizona this holiday season. It has well-organized museums that showcase the beauty and historicity of the town. With a total land size of 41.5 square miles, it is easy to view it after some mountain hiking experience. You can also look forward to exciting trails and snow showers as time allows.

5. Phoenix

This is one hub found right in the heart of the desert with many activities. It has many museums, which bring out the history and factual details of the area. If you love engaging in sports, this is one of those cool places to visit in Arizona when your energy levels are high. Several restaurants offer international cuisines that you can enjoy. If you love the sport of golf, in particular, there are over 200 golf courses for you. Enjoy some adventure and pick the best for you.

4. Tucson

Tucson with trees

This is the magnificent place where you come if you want to explore the diversity of American culture. It covers lively activities that you can select from and enjoy. But you can also visit the museum, where you will find the diversity of cultures explored further. At night, some activities take place, including clubbing and partying. This is also the place where you’ll find the Saguaro National Park. Here you can enjoy the beauty of wildlife and other facets of nature.

3. Glen Canyon national recreation area

the area of recreation

This is one of those cool places to visit in Arizona if you want to have fun. It has a body of water surrounded by scenic canyons. Lake Powell allows for boating activities while you continue with your vacation. There is mountain hiking, which is also well-organized. But you can also add fishing to this list of things to do when in this place. You will also have a great time viewing the Paria Canyon and its many formations. You can also decide to view the breathtaking Rainbow Bridge.

2. Sedona

The area of Sedona

This is a place you come to when you want a location that is peaceful and also attractive. It is on the list of cool places to visit in Arizona because many activities await a visitor. The locals have a strong belief that this is a place where you come to for spiritual healing and peace. But what you will not fail to notice are the beautiful red sandstones. When you are here, you can also do activities like swimming or biking. At the same time, you can also look out for awesome galleries that make the whole place light up with beauty. A series of shops sell alternative medicine for various ailments. You can take advantage and explore these shops in your own time. Even after so many years, it remains one of those cool places to visit in Arizona that you will not forget.

1. Antelope Canyon

The pic of Antelope Canyon

If you have not heard about the crack and the corkscrew, this is where you have to come. It has to be on your list of places in Arizona to visit this coming vacation. You will behold an intriguing and uniquely cute canyon. It has twisted red canyons that allow its visitors to move around and relax. The two most famous parts of the Antelope Canyon are the ones known as the Crack and Corkscrew. The unique feature of the two sides is that erosion has managed to shape the rocks. The soft rocky canyon brings out its true beauty as the rays of the sun percolate through the spaces and strike them. Not all the rays of the sun reach inside at any given time. But the whole combination is splendid and beautiful.